Do you find that the year goes very quickly? Perhaps you are a busy mum or dad based at home, or perhaps you work incredibly long hours away from the house. Both situations can keep you from contacting people and adding the personal touch. It can be hard to explain when you lose touch. I know as a member of a large family, there are birthday occasions several times every month! As a result, I find it easier to keep a variety of cards in the kitchen drawer at home so I have half a chance of making every birthday in time! I also have children who get invited to parties every month and need a multitude of dinosaur or princess cards (lucky things!).

It might be that you need thank you cards or business cards in your desk drawer at work.  Whatever the case, why not take advantage of my unique in the drawer service?  If you have a number of special friends, family members and colleagues to send cards to during the year, I will produce a unique package of bespoke cards.  I will even send them to you with stamps if that is helpful.  This way, you won’t miss any birthdays or occasions and you will have a helping hand to ensure that you send something potentially really personal without having to leave the building (other than to post them!)